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Why Smart School Education

Every child has their own abilities to understand a particular subject better than the other. A child good in English is not necessarily as good in Mathematics. SmartSchool Education aims to ensure every child can perfect their skills in all corners of every topic and subject. Learning that comprises of 2D/3D animated video as per the Tanzanian curriculum and self-assessment platform will enable children to score higher grades and also understand every topic in depth. Cramming and memorizing notes without a proper understanding normally leads to forgetting of theories which leads to lower grades. However with SmartSchool every student gets an opportunity to learn and master theories which can be applied to real life situations and aid to achieve outstanding results in exams. Together with the help of ExamMaster, results can be evaluated by taking unlimited number of tests which will improve grades. Moreover, SmartSchool Studio is giving every user a platform to get information on any topic with brief and detailed explanations. Students together with their peers can research on different information with the help of SmartSchool Studio. Learning has never been so easy.

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Smart School Tutor
SmartSchool exams
SmartSchool studio
Product features
  • 50,000 + eLearning Modules
  • 15,000+ development hours
  • 100+ subject matter experts
  • Crafted according to the Tanzanian curriculum
  • Most comprehensive education digital Content in Tanzania
  • Unlimited practice questions and progressive results

Help your child to succeed !