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Our Value proposition

Becoming an ISO 27001 certified company or to be PCI DSS compliant is a resource intensive process. Our document templates and tools help the organization to significantly reduce its effort to meet this challenging goal. With our cost effective solutions, your organization will get a head start and can also leverage on our team’s vast knowledge in information security, PCI DSS, and cyber security.

'50+' satisfied customers are our endorsement for our quality service and products.

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Get a head start for your ambition to be a more secure company

  • ISO 27001 Documentation Tool Kit.
    • Simple & Precise documents to meet ISO 27001 standard requirements.

      Our document library includes policies, processes, procedures, and templates to meet all the requirements of ISO 27001. Our documents are more than just templates it cover all topics in detail and provide a specific document for a specific requirement.

  • PCI DSS Documentation Tool Kit.
    • Meeting PCI DSS documentation requirements made easy.

      PCI DSS requires you to create and maintain policies, process, and procedure to protect card holder data (CHD). Use our document templates to meet these requirements easily.

  • Cybercrime Resilience framework.
    • One Framework to meet all your cyber crime requirements.

      Our cybercrime tool kit is based on industry best practices like NIST, Center for internet security (CIS). It helps the organization to assess the effectiveness of their cyber crime resilience readiness and improve it further to make your environment resilient a potential cyber attack.

  • Your Tools
    • Got an idea let’s make it happen!

      If you would like to make your own tool with your specific needs then share your idea with us and we will be happy to convert it into a tool and deliver it to you the way you want.

Why should you use our Tool kit?

  • Simple and effective

    Our documents are simple to understand for users. It effectively meets all the requirements of the standard it represents. We thrive to improve content and style of the documentation continuously to ensure they are fit for its purpose.

  • Low-cost

    It’s our objective to deliver quality products and service and products with low price. If you have to make this documents with the quality we offer then it will cost you far more than the price we charge. We do not compromise on the coverage or value of our product to make it cost effective. Our customer testimonials vouch for our claim.

  • Easy to adapt

    When we make our document we make keep in mind that it should be easy for our customers to adopt. You can customize all our documents and tools very easily. There is inline guidance provided in each document to easily adapt it to your organization. There are areas where we deliberately made the document inclusive to fit all type of companies and provide guidance to adapt to your company.

  • High Quality

    Our documents are made by SME’s who are certified professionals in their disciplines. All documents are periodically reviewed to ensure they are fit for its purpose. Where required we have aligned the subject of the document to its industry best practices and cited the references for our customer's benefit.

  • Continued support

    All products which you purchase from us comes with a free one-year subscription to all updates to them. Whenever an update is made to the product then we will notify you by email and an updated version will be also shared via email or through our online channels.

  • Consultancy support

    We provide SME support via email to our clients to ensure that our products and services we deliver, added value to our customer. If you have any question related to a specific subject or a buzz word in the industry then write to us we will be happy to help. Some of your questions could end up in our blogger's desk as a subject for their next blog this way we share our knowledge and keep it up to date.

What do you get for the money you spend?

ISO 27001 Documentation tool kit

  • Complete set of policies, processes, procedures, templates and other resources in word, excel and PowerPoint
  • All documents required by ISO 27001 (mandatory and others)
  • Documents are more than 90% complete (only your company details to be filled)
  • Inline user guidance where your company specific information is required
  • Easy to adapt and customize for your company need (inline guidance provided )
  • Includes ISO 27001 project plan
  • Includes Security Awareness Pack

PCI DSS documentation tool

  • Step by step guide to become PCI DSS compliant
  • PCI DSS specific policies, processes and procedures
  • All documents are referenced to PCI DSS
  • Automated tool to define your Level and reporting requirements.
  • Documents are more than 90% complete(Only your company specific details to be included)
  • Inline user guidance for you to complete your company specific details
  • PCI DSS specific awareness pack.

Cybercrime Resilience assessment Tool

  • A framework based on industry standards like NIST Cybercrime Framework, CIS and DI knowledge base.
  • Includes automated reporting showing your strength and weakness in each area of Cybercrime resilience
  • Assessment tool in the framework include all Cybercrime related controls and guidance for implementing the control in your organization.
  • The framework is scalable which means you can use it to assess your Cybercrime resilience as a company also drill down to each department.

ISO 27001 assessment tool

  • ISO 27001 Gap Assessment tool with automated reporting
  • Tool is scalable which means you can view the compliance of your company or a specific department in scope
  • The tool includes templates for Scoping, Asset inventory, internal and external organization context and SOA.
  • Include Vendor assessment module
  • Include Incident management module
  • Include Business Continuity Management module

to PCI DSS Assessment tool

  • PCI DSS compliance Assessment tool with automated reporting
  • Helps you to define your PCI DSS level and reporting requirement
  • Auto generate filled SAQ
  • The tool is scalable which means you can view the compliance of your company or a specific department in scope
  • Integrated templates include : scope, Asset inventory , and relevant SAQ.
  • Incident management process included


  • All tools (ISO 27001 tools, PCI DSS tool and Cybercrime tool ) in one GRC framework (one suite) with dynamic reporting and dashboard
  • Provide all functionalities of ISO 27001 Assessment tool, PCI DSS Assessment tool and cybercrime readiness assessment tool.
  • The tool is scalable which means you can view the GRC status of your company or a specific department in scope
  • All templates mentioned in individual tool will be available
  • Incident management process included
  • Business Continuity Management process